English Classroom



Small Talkからの導入について記録します。

Small Talk で導入

T: I like volleyball and I’m a volleyball coach. I have my volleyball shoes but it’s very old. I bought them 6 years ago. I want new shoes. I want to use them when I play volleyball. I want to buy new volleyball shoes. Anyone, do you know a good shop? I want to know a good shop. I want to go to the shop. S1, do you know a good shop? Oh, thank you! I want to go there this weekend. Now it’s your turn. Let’s talk about what you want.

S-S Interaction①


Sharing(T-S Interaction)

Interactive Teacher TalkやT-S Interactionでの正しい英文を板書して整理し比較させる。もしくは、生徒の誤った英文を板書して、誤りを発見させるなどしながら、ターゲットとなる文法事項の用法に気づかせる。

S-S Intereaction②