English Classroom


There is / There are 〜. の導入とパターンプラクティス

  There is / There are〜. の導入を行いました。前置詞の確認も含めて導入に盛り込みました。

There is / There are〜. 導入の流れ


  1. まずは前置詞のイメージをつかみます。テンポよく確認。
  2. その後は「猫」が次々とスライドに登場します。
  3. スライドにそって、There is / There are〜.を使って練習していきます。
  4. 猫が複数になったところで、There is two cats in the box.と生徒が発言する。
  5. その発言を拾って、There are two cats in the box. であると意識させる。
  6. そのままパターンプラクティスを継続します。
  7. 以下のプリントを配布し、文法説明をします。f:id:merasan:20181028064951j:image
  8. その後はBasic Dialogueを使ってペアでの暗唱・暗写に取り組みます。





【追記】Small Talkからの導入

Interactive Teacher Talk

T: You live in Kasaoka city. Do you like it? Why? What is Kasaoka city famous for?

S: Many islands.

T: Yes, there are many islands in Kasaoka city. How many islands are there in Kasaoka city? Do you know it?

S: 31?

T: Yes, there are 31 islands. Can you tell me their names?

S: Shiraishi, Kitagi, Manabe...

T: Thank you. What is Manabe island famous for?

S: beautiful sea?

T: There is...?

S: There is a beautiful sea in Manabe island.

T: Anything else?

S: A park.

T: Yes, you can sea beautiful flowers there. There are some restaurants and hotels too. Do you know Manabe island is famous for cats?

S: I don't know.

T: There are many cats there. (写真などを見せる) If you go there, you can see many cats and take pictures of them. Now it’s your turn. Let’s talk about Kasaoka city in pairs.


S-S Interaction①


Sharing(T-S Interaction)

Interactive Teacher TalkやT-S Interactionでの正しい英文を板書して整理し比較させる。もしくは、生徒の誤った英文を板書して、誤りを発見させるなどしながら、ターゲットとなる文法事項の用法に気づかせる。

S-S Intereaction②


【追記】2年生でのSmall Talkからの導入(2021)

 ゴールで「自分の思い出」を発表させたいので、前時に僕の春休みの思い出、今回は「去年の正月の思い出」を次のスライドを用いながら語りました。その中で、新出文法のThere is/areを導入しました。スライドは以下の通り。

T:   Hello, everyone. I will tell you about my memory of last year. Look at this. Do you kno where this is? This is a map of Fukuoka city. This is a picture of my daughters. She is 7 years old, and she is 4 years old. Last year, my family visited Fukuoka. There is a big shopping mall there. It's Canal City. It's near Hakata station. We saw gekidan shiki’s musical. They played Lion King on the day. We liked it very much. My daughter said, “I want to see it again someday.” There are many hotels in Fukuoka city. We stayed at a hotel and my daughters became happy. We ate gyoza for dinner because there are famous gyoza shops around Hakata station. There is an aquarium in Fukuoka city. Next day we went there. Uminonakamichi aquarium is near the sea. We watched a dolphin show. We had fun very much. This is my important memory.



Teacher Talkの例文を比較させながら、生徒自身が以下のポイントに気づくことができるように働きかけました。気づいたことはプリントに記入させます。



【追記】1年生でのSmall Talkからの導入(2021)

1年生の最終単元ではThere is/are が登場します。単元の内容と合わせて、夏休みのキャンプについて語りながら、There is/are~.は固有名詞とは使わないことにも気づかせるために考えてみました。スライドは以下のものを使います。

T:   I will tell you about my best memory of last summer. Look at this. Do you know where this is? This is a map of Okayama prefecture. Do you know Hiruzen? Hiruzen is between Tottori and Okayama prefecture. There are many campgrounds in Hiruzen. My family stayed this campgrounds for two days. There are beautiful rivers near the campground. On the second day, we visited Hiruzen Jersey Land. Hiruzen Jersey Land is at the foot of Hiruzen. There are a lot of Jersey cows in Hiruzen Jersey Land. We ate icecream cone. It was so delicious. We had a very good time there.

さらにプリントを配布して、Teacher Talkで使った例文を比較させながら、生徒自身が重要なポイントに気づくことができるように働きかけていきます。